Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts

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Normally we put the pricing after the pros and cons, but here we find it’s worth pushing it up front.  I’ve already had readers write in saying they’ve found the 64 GB model for cheaper than $150, and the 128GB for lower than $250.  With most other drives pushing close to $3/GB, here we have a non-stuttery, decent performer for right around $2/GB.


  • Great performance improvement for budget arena SSD’s (as compared to previous JMicron)
  • Consistent performance over time with negligible long-term fragmentation effects (even without TRIM)
  • *Very* low cost/GB!
  • Performance falls short of other (admittedly more expensive) SSD’s.
Kingston SSDNow V Series (2nd Gen) 128GB SSD Review - JMicron JMF618 Makes an Appearance! - Storage 34

This bundle has proven itself to have plenty of bang for the buck!

Final Thoughts 

After a few iterations and revisions to their SSDNow V Series brand, Kingston have finally settled on a product that is true to the (V)alue portion of that name.  Combining JMicron’s new JMF618 controller tech with Toshiba’s fabrication and flash memory has rapidly brought prices of solid state storage down to less than $2/GB.  While the new drives can’t keep up with the more expensive solutions out there, they leave previous budget offerings far behind.
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