Before there is a chance for a negative impression of Kingston’s new SSD Now kit, it is worth noting that an SSD, even one referred to as slow, is significantly faster than a platter based hard drive.  That is something you must keep firmly in mind when this kit is referred to as having middling performance.  That is one of the reasons why Allyn was impressed by this SSD that will cost you about $2/Gb.  Perhaps the other major reason was that it was completely immune to his SSD killing test, the one that destroyed the first generation of Intel’s SSDs.  Read the other reasons in his full review.

“After a few iterations and revisions to their SSDNow V Series brand, Kingston have finally settled on a product that is true to the (V)alue portion of that name. Combining JMicron’s new JMF618 controller tech with Toshiba’s fabrication and flash memory has rapidly brought prices of solid state storage down to less than $2/GB. While the new drives can’t keep up with the more expensive solutions out there, they leave previous budget offerings far behind.”

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