SSDs are quickly maturing now that they have hit the market; one of the latest companies to put out a second revision of their drive is Kingston with their SSDNow V+ Series (Rev 2.0) 128GB drive.  They utilize different flash memory inside but the big difference is a new controller, which changes the rated as well as observed speeds.  Once Futurelooks finished their testing of the new Kingston drive it proved to be noticeably faster than its predecessor but still not up to the standards of Intel or the new Sandforce controller.  Still a very decent upgrade for those who feel too cramped by a 64GB drive.
“It’s only taken a couple years for the SSD (Solid State Drive) talk to die down. Or, has it? A lot of folks weren’t sure about the technology when it first launched. But as more Controllers and different flavors of NAND are thrown in to the mix, performance and pricing are starting to convince us. It would appear that MLC isn’t as useless or as bad as originally thought.”

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