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    The set has a lot of post-processing features that should improve viewing with different video and movie formats.  It features the 24p Real Cinema processing effect which effectively de-interlaces 24 fps content, which improves image quality on a TV that runs at 60 Hz.  It also does a native 3:2 pulldown for other formats.  Edge enhancement and noise reduction also have multiple modes to run in, and I found that both of these have a positive impact on standard definition content.

    The screen features an anti-glare coating, which is key for me considering the environment I will be using it in.  It also causes contrast to drop slightly as compared to a glossy screen.  If a user has a home theater with diffuse lighting and no direct light (like a window) coming in, then a glossy screen is probably a better option for them.

LG 47LH30 47" 1080p Widescreen TV Review - Displays 15

Even with the flash on, it is easy to see how nice the picture is.  I found it easy to watch live professional sporting events at just 60 Hz.

    The speakers are hidden, but they do an adequate job of creating sound.  Several technologies have been included to improve 3D effects in audio, as well as clearing up voices and dialogue.  These speakers are only a few watts a piece, so they will not shake up a room.  The sound is “good enough” for the nightly news and sit-coms, but any content which relies on sound to create an immersive experience will require an external sound system.

    The cabinet is nice and shiny, but collects dust and fingerprints very easily.  LG provides a soft cloth to use with water to wipe away dust and fingerprints.  LG does not provide a cleaning solution for the LCD itself, but these are available either online or at a local audio/video store.  Spraying cleaners with ammonia or other harsh chemicals is not recommended for these screens, as they have been shown to cause the panel to become more opaque over time.

    The stand feels fairly solid, but it is not bulletproof.  After screwing the base in, the TV feels like it is firmly planted.  The base is essentially a ¾ circle, with a crescent cut out of the back.  The only issue that I see is that it leans somewhat to the left, so the TV is not perfectly parallel to the surface it is on.  I did not notice this for the first two days of use, and while it is somewhat annoying it is certainly not a deal-breaker.  If you look at it, you notice the difference, but it is very small and subtle.

LG 47LH30 47" 1080p Widescreen TV Review - Displays 16

And yes… I do need to dust off that keyboard badly.

    The side of the TV features a composite input and HDMI.  The back features another two HDMI plus, composite, component, analog 2 channel audio input, and optical sound output.  I was rather disappointed in just one component input.  It would have been nice personally for me to have had a second component input, but again it was not enough of an issue to not buy the set.  If a person really discovers their need to have another component input, they can purchase a $50 box which will actively convert component and SPDIF audio to native HDMI.

    The remote control is very simple, and most changes to the TV will need to be made using the menu and cursor functions on the OSD.  Most changes will not be a one button affair, such as moving from component input to HDMI 1.  Instead it will take hitting the input or menu button, moving to the option through the input pad on the remote, and then selecting said option.  The remote is functional, and a user can do basic changes (such as volume and channel) with the remote, but everything else requires more remote input and the OSD of the TV.
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