If you are stuck on a limited budget for your mobile computing but find a netbook simply too limiting the LG 14″ Haier R450 barebones notebook might be an option.  Inside you will find what has become a rare beast, a chipset from SiS, specifically the SiS 672/968 with graphics handled by the SiS Mirage 3 which is tcehnically an AGP solution which takes 256MB from the system’s 2GB DDR2-667 RAM.  An Intel T4400 CPU @ 2.20GHz does make this much more powerful than a netbook even with the dated graphics solution.  It retails for just under $700 and is up for review at t-break.

“Although netbooks are small and light to carry around, they don’t necessarily provide the horsepower required so run some of the everyday apps. And thus, you will always have a budget laptop category that may not necessarily be as aesthetically pleasing as a netbook, it does offer a much better performance. In that category, we’re looking at the LG Haier R450 notebook today which, as soon as you unpack, know right away that its a no frills machine.”

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