G.Skill has two rather different kits being reviewed at Hardware Heaven
, the Pi DDR3-2200 and Eco DDR3-1600.  The Pi is DDR3-2200 and runs at 7-10-10-28, @ 1T at the expected 1.65v, the Eco hits DDR3-1600 @ 7-8-7-24 and 2T, but does it at an impressive 1.35v.  When they tested overclocking performance they played it safe and did not increase the voltages but still ended up 2352MHz and 1776MHz respectively.  Both kits stand out for their uses, you really should take a peek at them.

“Today we have two sets of memory from G.Skill on our test bench, the high performane Pi series DDR3-2200 and a 1.35v set from the Eco series running at DDR3-1600.”

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