If you have seen or listened to this weeks PC Perspective Podcast, you heard Ryan talk about Corsair’s Padlock 2 USB thumb drive.  At $52 it is more expensive than your average 8GB thumb drive, with the extra cost coming from some rather impressive security features.  A combination of up to 10 keys can be set to protect your data, but make sure not to forget the combo because the only way they offer to reset the code also will wipe the data on that drive.  If you want to know more about this secure way to carry around viral information then drop by Overclockers Club for a look.

“When it comes to security, the Corsair Flash Padlock 2 gets high marks for its ability to protect any sensitive data that is stored on the drive. Setting up these security features was extremely simple and once you have keyed in a unique four to ten digit PIN, the drive will automatically lock when removed from a USB port. In this locked state, the flash drive uses a 256-bit AES hardware encryption and built-in hacker protection that will temporarily lock the drive for a few minutes after five unsuccessful log-in attempts.”

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