For just under $100, a triple core CPU doing 3GHz is a veritable steal but that is exactly what the Athlon II X3 440 is.  When you consider that with a bit of luck you will end up with a model that has both a disabled L3 cache and a disabled fourth core, the bargain gets even better.  The particular CPU that InsideHW received unfortunately did not have either, but as a consolation the CPU did hit 3.6GHz when overclocked.  AMD’s new Athlon II may lack the power of the Intel Core series, but they also lack the high entry price as well.

“Although last fall was in the sign of AMD processors by presentation of a new generation Athlon processors, first X4 and then the triplecores, AMD is not sitting idly by so we got the latest and fastest member of Athlon II X3 family, model 440…”

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