Right now at [H]ard|OCP is a cool showdown, in one corner the Tuniq Propeller and in the other is Thermalright’s Venemous X, in a fight to determine which is the better heatsink.  In many cases the performance is based on good contact between the CPU and the heatsink because without good contact you cannot get good cooling results.  The Tuniq Propeller’s mounting system was awkward for [H]ard|OCP to install, taking several times to get a good mounting result.  The Thermaltake solution was not only easy to mount but it sports a variable mounting pressure ranging from 30lbs to 70lbs.  That feature helped the Thermaltake solution win this battle handily for all but those with the most sensitive ears.

“Thermalright has been a company name that is synonymous with high end CPU air cooling for years now. Tuniq is one of the newer guys on the block when it comes to the elite heatsink and fan unit. Today we have a showdown of epic proportions, at least to the computer hardware cooling enthusiast. Propeller vs. Venemous X. ”

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