The trend continues as even more companies jump out of their particular niche and try their hand at related (or not so related) products.  PSUs and watercoolers are sporting the name of companies better known for RAM, gaming mice have branding you would expect to see on a case and even graphics companies are doing their best to push out CPU makers.  Now it is Mushkin’s turn as they enter the world of non-volatile storage with their Io series 128GB SSD.  In the case of SSDs, along with many other components, it is not the name on the outside that matters; it is what is inside that you should care about.  Mushkin chose the popular Indilinx Barefoot controller and Samsung flash, both well known to followers of Allyn’s SSD Decoder Ring.   Once the smoke cleared at Overclockers Club test bench, the finally tally showed a good drive that looks to be made better with the anticipated release of a wipe tool and firmware upgrade.

“With Mushkin’s products, the one thing you can count on is performance. The Io Solid State Drive lives up to the high standards that Mushkin sets. While testing the drive, I was impressed to see that it held its own against the best drive I had tested up until this point – the Patriot Torqx 128GB drive.”

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