If you are a big fan of the black and tent caterpillar guts green colour scheme that is the hallmark of an XFX product then you will love the XFX 650W XXX Edition.  The PCB is a product of PC Power & Cooling, Overclockers Club even spotted the blacked out Silencer silk screening on the board.  The quality of PCP&P shows through when this PSU went through their testing, easily passing everything they threw at it.  There was only one sad note, the 80+ Bronze rating that it carries does not seem to be deserved from what OCC saw.

“The XFX XXX Edition 650W power supply is certainly worthy of consideration for use in any high gaming system and will easily handle any single high-end graphics card gaming rig with plenty of room to overclock. There are a total of four PCI-E connectors available on this power supply so crossfire or SLI is definitely an option but keep an eye on power requirements especially with the more power hungry Nvidia offerings.”

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