It takes a little while to explain why people are so excited about nVIDIA Optimus and its graphics switching capabilities, first you have to explore the history of switchable mobile graphics.  In the past the graphics were adjusted with a manual switch and a complete reboot, not exactly the most convenient way to manage mobile graphics on the fly.  It has improved recently, to the point where you can change on the fly, assuming you have closed some necessary programs.  The new Optimus technology promises to free you from that necessity, read Ryan’s full review to see how well they did.

“I think is fair to say that NVIDIA Optimus is one of the most impressive mobile technologies we have ever seen. While switchable graphics promised us a future of mobility computing that was both light on power consumption and heavy on performance, Optimus looks like it could actually deliver on that. The ability to seamlessly and near-instantaneously switch between the integrated graphics on nearly any Intel platform and a large number of discrete graphics chips from NVIDIA enables a totally new paradigm for notebooks computers.”

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