Yesterday you may have seen a link to some research done by the XPNet community which described how Windows 7 is a memory hog and that 86% of Windows 7 machines were using at least 90% of their available RAM.  Hopefully being the intelligent PC Perspective regulars you are, you took a second to think before reacting.  Maybe you remembered hearing about the SuperFetch feature in Windows 7, maybe you are running a Win7 box and checked your Task Manager to see just what was going on and noticed a discrepancy between available memory and free memory. 

If not, Ars Technica explains why having the memory you paid good money for actually doing something instead of sitting idle.

“It was claimed yesterday that Windows 7 machines are “alarmingly low” on memory, with 86 percent of Windows 7 machines using 90-95 percent of their physical memory. Craig Barth, CTO of Devil Mountain Software, a company developing performance monitoring software, cited data from his company’s XPnet community. Community members use a freely downloadable tool that periodically uploads performance data to the XPnet servers, and it’s this data, from a few tens of thousands of computers, that was used to justify the claim.”

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