Earlier this month Ryan took a very detailed look at NVIDIA’s Optimus technology and discovered that the graphics switching technology worked really well and produced some significant battery conservation while providing the necessary performance when needed. For those of you who have been itching to get your hands on an Optimus enabled notebook, your time has come. NewEgg has made available the Asus N71JV-X1, a 17.3″ unit sporting the Intel i3 350M and a GeForce GT 325M. You can check out the system at NewEgg.

Optimus and Dell Mini 10 with Crystal HD Now Available - Mobile 2

Related to mobile video technology, the Dell Mini 10 with the Broadcom Crystal HD media accelerator is now available for purchase at Dell.com. Early looks at this netbook was lukewarm due to the lack of Flash support and the absence of HDMI. According to this post on Dell’s blog, with the release of Flash 10.1 beta 3 and the latest Broadcom driver, you can now get Flash 10 HD in full glory on the netbook. The caveat here is that with the lack of HDMI, HD content is trapped at the native 1366×768 resolution unless you slum it using a VGA cable to a full HD capable display, and you must use one of the supported media players.