Not surprisingly, the Pegatron IPX7A-ION/330 has an ION 330 processor on an ION board with an interesting trick.  The single PCIe 16x slot on this board is also compatible with PCIe 4x and PCIe 1x which gives you a lot of options if you are considering an addon card like a graphics accelerator or a TV Capture card.  The integrated GeForce 9400 is fairly powerful in its own rights, so that addition is purely optional.  The nVIDIA board is hard to customize fro companies and in this case Pegatron’s decision to go with a dual heatsink design disappointed X-bit Labs as a Prime95 torture test would lock the system up due to heat build up in 20 minutes.  An additional low noise 120mm fan solved that issue easily.

“After ASUS AT3N7A-I and Zotac ION ITX series, we got another mini-ITX motherboard based on the NVIDIA ION chipset and the Intel Atom 330 CPU — Pegatron IPX7A-ION/330. Its key difference is a PCIe x16 slot that also supports PCIe x4 and x1 expansion cards. Pegatron couldn’t improve NVIDIA’s already successful solution, but the motherboard has no significant drawbacks as well.”

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