AMD released two cards today, one is brand new and one we have seen before, but they have added a little something.  The new card is the mid ranged HD5830 which was hoped to bring performance close to a HD5850 while keeping the price down.  What was delivered is a card closer to the HD5770 that costs close to the HD5850.  Still there certainly is a place for this card in quiet systems that still want a little graphical power hidden inside.

The second release is the one likely to raise eyebrows, the HD5870 EyeFinity Edition.  This remake of the top single GPU card on the market sports 6 Display Port plugs, finally letting the extreme gamers set up 6 monitor EyeFinity displays at incredible resolutions thanks to the work of the AMD driver team that will ensure Crossfire and EyeFinity play nicely.  Of course, that does mean someone out there is going to set up a 24 screen behemoth.  AMD also included 5 display adaptors in the kit, saving you from hunting them down yourself unless you need the resolutions only offered by an active Display Port to DVI adaptor.

Check them both out in Ryan’s full review.

“The Radeon HD 5830 fills the gap between the HD 5770 and the HD 5850 pretty well though not without some lingering performance questions and debate surrounding it. For AMD it means another notch in their DX11 belt while we continue to wait for NVIDIA to do … well anything at this point regarding next-generation technology. For users looking for a sub-$250 graphics card option going into spring the HD 5830 makes a great choice but as is usually the case, make sure you completely understand what options are out there before hitting that buy now button.”

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