Phoronix posted a bit of sad news for those who want a high DPI mouse on Linux, at least from Razer.  Recently they tested the Razer DeathAdder 1800DPI, a version of the DeathAdder 3500DPI mouse with a less sensitive sensor and come up with two questions.  The first is why someone would pay the same amount for the two versions, instead of the 1800DPI version being much less than the 3500DPI version.  The second was why the support for Razer’s products on Linux has not progressed in the past 3 years.  The 5 buttons do work on their default settings but there is no way to change the mappings that they found.  Keep that in mind if you are building a Linux box and want a mouse with high sensitivity.

“There are some community projects like Lomoco for providing configuration controls for Logitech mice under Linux, but this project and others have not exactly moved along at a brisk pace even though mice drivers are much simpler than say graphics cards or most other hardware components. For Razer mice, there was RazerTool, a simple project to provide some basic tweaking options for select Razer mice under Linux, but that project has been defunct since early 2007. Even with the lack of configuration tools or specialized drivers for Razer mice (or keyboards and other peripherals) on Linux, we still end up falling in love with their hardware as the build quality of their products are phenomenal, the products we have tested have been designed very well, and they really have just been excellent products. Back in February of 2007 we tested out the Razer DeathAdder, which was an example of a great Razer product and received our Editor’s Choice Award, but today we are trying out the 1800 DPI version of their DeathAdder gaming mouse.”

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