In a market with 100s of cases to choose from, ranging from huge boxy constructionist styles to sleek little LED bearing cases that would look at home beside a stereo system, no one has dared to slap on a big sparkly pink front panel and replace the power switch with a Swarovski crystal … until now.

The In Win Diva
is a unique case that they feel will appeal to the finer sex, while still managing to house a working PC.  Internally it is bare of features, though it does house a 160W PSU that appears to be a TFX form factor.  Hardware Secrets rather liked this little case by the end of the review process, so take a peek if you know anyone that needs a hot pink enclosure.

“Without exceptions, when we think of a computer case with a unique design invariable we think of a macho-themed product, usually military-inspired. Sensing that girls were being left behind by the case manufacturers, In Win decided to release Diva, a very (very!) small case and very (very!) girly front panel, featuring a big Swarovski crystal as a power button. While straight guys will hate this case, girls (and probably er… “very happy” guys) will love it. Let’s see why.”

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