Western Digital’s Caviar Black has been a very popular series for quite a while and it is getting a refresh with their new SATA 6G 1TB drive.  For just $120 you get 1TB of storage and transfer rates that are comparable to the 2TB version or even the enterprise class RE4.  Of course you won’t see the performance of an SSD, but the storage space is nowhere near as limiting. 

Allyn has the full review for you here.

“The WD1002FAEX joins a long line of excellent drives from Western Digital, and seems to be as good a time as any for bumping up the interface throughput. Hopefully the push to SATA 6Gb/sec will help drive adoption of this new standard across the rest of the industry. That said, it did little to boost performance of this new drive. We may see better improvements down the road, but we are currently stuck with third party controllers for this speed grade.”

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