There was a time when new graphics driver releases were fairly big news, with major changes happening in each release.  Now that both major players are on a ‘one a month’ plan, things have settled down into a more incremental style of change, with not much happening between one release and the next.  The soon to be released Catalyst 10.2 driver is changing that with major changes to how Crossfire systems will operate, including support for EyeFinity as well as other changes that might not be so noticeable at first.  The 10.3 will also have major revisions to its features, bezel correction for EyeFinity and support for 3rd party 3D glasses being the most interesting.  Check out the full list of new features in Ryan’s article

“Catalyst 10.3 will be even more impressive I think, finally bringing bezel correction to Eyefinity (hopefully before NVIDIA’s Fermi drivers are released with the same feature) along with other Eyefinity improvements like color control, multiple groups and switchable configurations. I have been a big fan of Eyefinity since the HD 5870 was first released and these updates are long coming and necessary in my opinion. And finally, the 10.3 update will be the first to offer frequent driver updates to mobile ATI Radeon users; with the emphasis on mobile computing in the past 2+ years this is necessary in today’s world.”

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