You are likely to have heard it before, if you loved the story, characters and reading about the history of the setting and races of Mass Effect, you should go into Mass Effect 2 realizing that most of your preferences have been surgically removed from the game with a rusty chainsaw.  The bias is now towards action, with story elements taking a second seat.  That is not to imply that the game is receiving bad reviews, for instance GamingHeaven gave a 93/100 and other sites have given higher.  The game is gorgeous, the new implementation of the paragon/renegade system is not without its merits; you just need to realize going into this sequel that it was made for people who would proclaim that Final Fantasy 7 sucked because it had too many menus.

“As Mass Effect 2 begins we take the role of John Shepard, commander of the Normandy in the year 2183. During this initial sequence the ship is attacked and takes heavy damage, forcing most of the crew to evacuate.”

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