At some point once you have become learned in the ways of the computer you will run into something that makes you have second thoughts about what you know to be trueCase and point is the deal that a forum member spotted on Newegg, which features a DDR2 socket AM3 board with a deal for an AM2+ processor bundled with it and that is not even mentioning the RAM. 

Over in the Cases’n’Cooling section, one of our short, force using modding addicts is making some progress with a new a mod, while in the Display and Graphics Forum there are a few people looking for tips on purchasing displays.  (Perhaps they should ask Josh).  The audiophiles are wondering about a non-Creative XiFi card that might be in the works and the storage forum is still abuzz with talk of SSDs and related topics

Also new this week, thanks to the quick turn around time we can get from Ryan’s new slave, this weeks PC Perspective Podcast is available in audio form and the video should be available as soon as he can get the horse off.