The Core i7 920 won’t be around for long as The Inquirer has spotted the i7 930 in Europe, 2 days before the official announcement.  It will be a 45nm CPU @ 2.80GHz, essentially the same as the 920 just at 21x instead of 20x.  It seems there will be new features, all related to low power states, Enhanced Halt State, Extended Stop Grant State, Deep Sleep State, Deeper Sleep State and Deep Power Down are all supported on this CPU.

That will be of use to some, but any that participate in BOINC projects or are on our Folding@Home team will probably never enter any of those states.
“Chipzilla’s next quad-core CPU has appeared ahead of launch at some European online stores. The Core i7-930 is eagerly awaited. Its prototypes were called “Bloomfield” and it will probably kill off the Core i7-920 model.”

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