MaximumCPU has taken a break from reviewing silicon based products in favour of a handy tool that belongs in anyones kit.  If you do not yet have a Dremel, the new Dremel 4000 will run you less $100 which is not a bad investment for a tool you are likely to fall in love with.  At that price you also pick up 55 various cutting wheels, grinders, polishers and drill bits, enough to keep you from buying additional accessories … for a short while.  New in this version of the Dremel is an electronic feedback motor, which will keep the Dremel spinning at a constant speed even with differing pressure and materials, saving you from adjusting it manually.

“Handheld rotary tools have long been a staple for every modders toolkit. One brand of handheld rotary tool has become so popular that like Kleenex, the brand name is often used to describe all handheld rotary tools. For those who are confused, I am talking about none other than the Dremel. Not all “dremels” are created equally and today we will be taking a look at the newest member of the Dremel family, the Dremel 4000.”

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