Cloud computing has been poised to change the world now for almost as long as Web 2.0 has been. This ‘someday really soon’ is getting a little long in the teeth but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it as it is going to happen in some mutated form, such as Amazon’s Web Services (which has been around almost 4 years).  The theory, if you are not yet familiar with it, is that we abandon the traditional server models, such as buying a physical server to maintain or leasing one from a hosting business and instead treating your infrastructure and software as a service.  You can read about which major players are jumping into this industry at Ars Technica.

“Cloud computing is one of the most hyped technology concepts in recent memory, and, like many buzzwords, the term “cloud” is overloaded and overused. A while back Ars ran an article attempting to clear some of the confusion by reviewing the cloud’s hardware underpinnings and giving it a proper definition, and in this article I’ll flesh out that picture on the software side by offering a brief tour of the cloud platform options available to development teams today.”

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