[H]ard|OCP tests the two controllers that offer native SATA 6G support on motherboards, the Marvell 88SE912and the Marvell 88SE9123.  They compare it to the Intel ICH10R which is of the previous 3Gb/s generation of controller and the results are enlightening.  The ICH10R should be about half the speed of the Marvell transfer rates but the testing does not bear that hypothesis out.  When they tried RAID0 the results become even more interesting, you definitely want to check this article out.
“There has been a lot of talk about the new “Serial ATA Revision 3.0 specification.” New motherboards are now on the market with “SATA 6Gb/s” controllers, but what does all this mean to the enthusiast? Heck, what does “SATA 3” mean? We take a quick look at what “SATA Revision 3.0″ is supposed to do for the world and what it will actually do for us on the desktop currently with RAID 0 and single disk configurations.”

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