The oddly named BenQ Joybee GP1 is a slight larger than a 120mm fan at 136x54x120mm (5.3×2.1×4.7″) and can project an 858×600 image up to 2m across.  It uses an LED backlight as opposed to a lamp like you would find in a regular projector which means that the little Joybee does not produce quite as bright an image as would a model with a bulb; it only manages 100 lumen.  This also means that significantly less heat is produced, something of great benefit for a device this small and mobile.  At $469 it is a bit of an investment for a gadget and the proprietary 30-pin CEA cable that serves as the A/V connection is a little inconvenient but the USB connection that allows playback directly from removable storage is a definite plus.  Check out the little guy at InsideHW.

“Have you ever wondered if there was a projector so small that you could put it in your bag along with the notebook, without even noticing it was there? Feel free to reply positively, because there is. Throw media player functions into the mix and you get a true delight for PC peripheral enthusiasts…”

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