The few cases that we have seen from Zalman were target towards the crowd that likes case full of features and doesn’t mind paying close to $200 for a case.  Their new Z7 and Z7 Plus (a Z7 with an eSATA port and extra cooling features) are targeted more towards those who want a functional case but are willing to sacrifice the extras to lower the price.  Neither case shows up on our Pricing Engine, but from Hardware Secrets we learn that they are planning to retail between $65-$75 when they do appear.  You can use up to four 120mm fans depending on how large your CPU cooler is and there are plenty of expansion bays.  It is a very bare bones case, but if all you want is something to hide your hardware in that doesn’t look hideous, then add Zalman to your list.

“If you’ve never bought a case from Zalman because you always thought they are too expensive, we have good news. Zalman is going to release a mainstream case series, called Z7, in March. Featuring two models, Z7 (USD 65 MSRP) and Z7 Plus (USD 75 MSRP), we had the privilege to review the Z7 Plus model one month before its launch. Let’s see if this product will be a good buy and in tune with Zalman’s reputation for quality.”

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