For 50 years now the SETI project has been searching the heavens for signs of an signal with an intelligent source.  There are plenty of signals out there on every bandwidth possible but so far they all have natural sources as opposed to being generated artificially by an intelligence.  So far there has been no sign, though a few new pulsars and quasars have been spotted and located.  Slashdot links to information about the project and proposed changes to the scope here.

PC Perspective has had a hand in chewing through all of the data that the Arecibo Observatory has created in its search thanks to the distributed processing client known as BOINC and program called SETI@Home.  Currently the PC Perspective Killer Frogs have dropped to 37th in the world as BOINC has spread out into many other projects which have drawn some Frogs away from SETI, as well as the popular newcomer Folding@Home

If you have any spare cycles on your CPU or GPU; especially if you tend to leave them on while you are not using then consider participating.  To find out more about our Folding@Home team, the PC Perspective Folding Frogs (currently 23rd overall) or the PC Perspective Killer Frogs would love to have you.

Drop by our Folding Forum or our BOINC Projects Forum to find out more information about what these projects are and how to join!

“The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence is 50 years old next month, and still no sign of intelligent alien life. Paul Davies of the Beyond Center (also Chairman of the SETI Post-Detection Taskgroup) says it’s time to re-think and expand the search for ET.”

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