A prototype being developed in a joint project between Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University called Skinput might have found a way to make wearable computers a little less obvious and difficult to use.  Previous attempts have been made varying from strapping miniaturized keyboards to arms to new ways of gestural based input involving odd finger contortions and connections.  This particular incarnation consists of a wristband sporting arrays of 5 grouped sensors for a total of 100, and an optional pico-projector all of which work together to allow you to type on your hands and wrists.  Check it out over at ExtremeTech.

“Welcome to one keyboard you will never forget to take with you: Skinput. Created by Chris Harrison of Carnegie Mellon University, and Desney Tan and Dan Morris of Microsoft Research, Skinput uses the natural acoustic variations that occur when you tap the skin on different spots of your body to create a virtual keyboard. When accompanied by a wearable projector it adds a whole new dimension to augmented reality by mapping a user interface directly onto your skin. Add a Bluetooth link to the included armband and body parts like your fingertips or forearms can become a tappable interface you can use to control a PC, MP3 player, or other device. The technology is still in its developmental stages, but has the potential to make computing the most personal experience it’s ever been.”

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