Almost all TV Tuner cards come with a remote control to add to the pile that likely lives on your coffee table, though some abandon that in favour of a wireless mouse and keyboard.  techPowerUp! wants you to know about another option, the Soundgraph FingerVU 706.  While it may look like a digital picture frame, it is in fact a 7" touch screen monitor that lets you control your PC or HTPC as long as you don’t mind the cord.  It can also function as a secondary display and input device for those without an HTPC.  Of course, even this accessory comes with a remote, allowing you to remotely control something that is remotely controlling your PC.

"Soundgraph is well known for their LCD and VFD products in the majority of HTPC enclosures from virtually all major brand names out there. The new FingerVU series takes the control of the PC to the next level with a 4" or 7" inch, high-res, USB powered LCD touch screen at your finger tips."

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