There are many types of HD5770s, from the stock models to ones with custom cooling and factory set overclocks; two of which are up for review at InsideHW.  The MSI HD5770 Hawk and the POWERCOLOR PCS+ AX5770 are similar in some ways but vastly different in others.  Mostly likely thanks to the improved cooling on the MSI HAWK, they managed a much more impressive overclock on the more expensive product.  Drop by to see the two of them in action.

“The Radeon HD 5770 is currently praised as a very good choice in the upper middle class of GPUs, since it provides very good performance in resolutions typical for 20” and 22” monitors at a decent price, which is likely to become the optimal choice for gamers today. We rejoiced to see so many manufacturers coming out with their own models so fast, shunning the referent ATI design in order to create a bit pricier, but faster graphics card to start with, a gain which can be increased even further by overclocking, courtesy of high-quality cooling systems implemented by various manufacturers. We’ve received two very interesting models whose overclock range took us by surprise, both cards sporting great looks and an attractive accompanying bundle…”

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