Acer is planning on a new ultra thin line of notebooks with no frame and a keyless touch keyboard, according to DigiTimes.  Combining those two features does offer a way to make the MacBook Air look like it has a beer gut, but that is not the most interesting fact about these notebooks.  If reinforced glass is strong enough to be the back shell of a notebook, obviously it could also be used in a standard desktop monitor.  An all glass monitor would have absolutely no bezel on the sides; can anyone say EyeFinity?  Even if you have to strip the monitors out of a notebook, it might still be cheaper than picking up one of the thin bezelled monitors that should be hitting the market.  Notebook displays are a little on the small side, you might want to pick up six of them.

“Acer plans to launch a new ultra-thin notebook that will feature a touch keyboard and use the back of the panel’s glass substrate as the cover in the second half of 2010, according to sources from notebook players.

Acer is expected to adopt Corning’s reinforced glass substrate and simply print color on its back to allow the substrate to function like a notebook cover for a frameless design. The design will help reduce the thickness of the ultra-thin notebook and can also reduce material costs.

Acer will also adopt a touch keyboard to allow the notebook to be even thinner, the sources noted.”

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