Features and Packaging


Altec Lansing Orbit - Mobile Speakers Redesigned - Mobile 11

Inside Orbit’s clear package you may be surprised to find a total lack of software – no drivers whatsoever or bloatware! What you will find is an instruction sheet, warranty information, vouchers for free downloads from Audible and eMusic.

Warranty in Asia and Europe is 2 years, and elsewhere it is 1 year. However in some regions (like North America) if you register the product, you get 2 years of warranty coverage.

There is also a leaflet stating you can customize your Orbit, but when accessing the URL, you get a 404 Not Found error. The Orbit can not be customized, nor can it be connected to an iPhone as the image below would suggest.

Altec Lansing Orbit - Mobile Speakers Redesigned - Mobile 12


Aside from the obvious features (it’s portable, drivlerless, and only requires a single USB port), there are not any published technical specifications for the Orbit. Typical information you’d find for speakers like frequency range, speaker size, and power can’t be found anywhere on Altec Lansing’s site.

Not like speaker specifications help anyway since it’s typically the ears of the listener that determine a quality of a product – which is exactly what we’re evaluating today.

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