Audio Quality – Music
Now the answer to the question: how does it sound? With a speaker so small, getting decent audio to flow out of it is definitely a challenge, but Altec Lansing has done an admirable job.

When playing music, the high frequency notes and cymbal hits don’t sound metallic. They sound remarkably sharp and articulate. For some, the Orbit may sound a bit too bright, but I didn’t mind it and you can adjust it using your OS or media player’s equalizer.

Reference music: Lovers in Japan by Cold Play. Opening minute.

The bass, on the other hand, is surprisingly good as small speakers typically produce muddy and undefined lows. When listening to music, it`s not obvious that you`re missing anything from the audio as you would traditional speakers on a laptop. There’s an impression of depth to music, but it’s somewhat shallow. This lack of dimension is very obvious when you the same music sample is played on a larger set of speakers. There`s just no way to get rich deep sound from a small, flat speaker and the Orbit is no exception.

Reference music: Machine Gun by Portishead.

Overall, listening to music is fairly good. There’s plenty of articulation on the high and mid range, and sufficient bass. Since the Orbit is meant to be an alternative to your notebook speakers, it does a very good job.

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