According to the information [H]ard|OCP received, the new ATI 10.3a Catalyst Driver Update will focus on performance, to the point of not being WHQL certified when it first becomes available.  This is fairly big news as lately the big goal that AMD has been striving for is to release a driver every month, regardless of how little has changed.   10.2 should arrive today, not quite as ambitious as the 10.3a will be, but bringing some nice enhancements to anyone running a CrossfireX system.  Both the WHQL 10.3 and the 10.3a will bring one long awaited feature, bezel correction for EyeFinity rigs, allowing you to finally consider a 6 screen setup as you’ll no longer lose sight of your crosshairs.

“AMD is putting out a new “performance” driver that sports some very aggressive frame rate increases according to AMD. The new “10.3a” driver will soon be released to the enthusiast with a WHQL driver coming in shortly behind that. Interestingly enough, the non-WHQL will have a couple more tweaks than the WHQL version. Let’s give you the details.”

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