Specifications and Packaging

The Antec P193 is a large, advanced mid-tower enclosure that incorporates all the basic features that made the original P190 popular but with several improvements.  The enclosure is made primarily from cold rolled steel with plastic trim pieces and two brushed aluminum panels.  One of the most significant changes involved moving the large side fan outside the enclosure, which provides more internal space and allows mounting larger CPU heatsink fans (up to 140mm tall).

Antec P193 Specifications:
•    Case dimensions: 21.3” H x 8.1” W x 23.3” D (514mm x 205mm x 590mm)
•    Finish: Gunmetal gray with brushed aluminum front and side panels
•    11 Drive Bays:
o    (4) External 5.25”
o    (1) External 3.5”
o    (6) Internal 3.5” for HDD
•    7 Expansion slots
•    Motherboard: Mini-ITX, micro ATX, standard ATX and extended ATX
•    Cooling System:
o    (1) Rear 120mm Tri-Cool exhaust
o    (2) Top 140mm Tri-Cool exhaust
o    (1) Side 200mm intake
o    (1) Lower front chamber 120mm (optional)
o    (1) Upper front chamber 120mm (optional)
o    (1) Middle chamber 120mm (optional)
•    Power supply: Standard ATX or Antec CP series
•    0.8mm cold rolled steel chassis for durability
•    Weight: 35.8 lbs (16.25 kg)

Packaging and Includes

Antec P193 Advanced Mid-Tower Case Review - Cases and Cooling 32

The standard retail box comes packed inside a second cardboard box for shipping.  The P193 enclosure is wrapped in plastic and securely nestled between two large foam end-blocks for protection.  The aluminum trim panels are covered with plastic film to protect the brushed finish.  Antec goes to great lengths to insure their enclosures arrive at their final destination unharmed.

Antec P193 Advanced Mid-Tower Case Review - Cases and Cooling 33

Packed inside the motherboard area is a large box of parts, which contains all the accessories that come with the case (drive rails, screws/hardware, optional fan mounting hardware, and cable ties).  The only documentation included with the case is a brief, single page P193 Product Overview however a detailed User’s Manual is available for download from Antec’s website.

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