The ASUS N61Jv-X2 is a 16″ notebook with some serious power under the hood, a Core i5-430M with 4GB of DDR3-1066 and nVIDIA’s GeForce GT325M 1GB Optimus powering the 1366×768 screen … it even has a USB 3.0 plug.  ASUS wanted to keep this notebook under $1000, so the storage is platter based though that can easily be rectified after the fact.  When AnandTech ran this notebook through the benchmark suite the results were not terribly impressive but once they loaded some games on Optimus and the Core i5 really stood out.  Drop by AnandTech to look at one of the most impressive sub-$1000 notebooks around.

“It was only last month that we got our first taste of NVIDIA’s Optimus Technology, courtesy of the ASUS UL50Vf. We were without doubt impressed, but there was a small issue with the test platform… or perhaps a not-so-small issue. The UL50Vf uses a CULV processor with G210M graphics—nothing spectacular in performance, but good enough for a reasonable system that can last upwards of 10 hours on a single charge. The problem is that the UL50Vf is a 15.6″ notebook, and while it’s not as bulky as other 15.6″ offerings we have to admit that the pairing of CULV and Optimus cries out for a smaller chassis. Today, we’re reviewing our second Optimus notebook, but while the chassis isn’t any smaller—in fact, it’s slightly larger with a 16.0″ LCD—the other changes make this a much better platform. We’re going to cut straight to the chase and hit the spec sheet.”

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