If you have picked up a new 890GX based AMD motherboard you might have noticed something missing from the BIOS.  Here at PC Perspective we have talked quite a bit about Advanced Clock Calibration, Josh first mentioned ACC in his review of the 790GX in September of 2008.  Of course, the reason that ACC is so popular is that it enables a lucky few to enable the disabled core on X3 models of Phenom II or Athlon II processors or turn a Sempron into an Athlon X2.  Not every processor has a working disabled core which is how luck comes into the equation, though with a little patience and an accommodating store you might be able to return processors until you get one that works. 

Now that ACC is gone there is still a way to unlock those cores on a 890GX board, the trick is that you have to buy a board that comes from ASUS.  Thanks to their Core Unlocker Technology, you can still unlock those cores and the process is even easier than it was before!

ASUS continues its innovation leadership with the first AMD 890GX based motherboards featuring SATA 6Gb/s, USB 3.0**, and exclusive core unlocking technology. Additionally, as part of the Xtreme Design line-up, the M4A89GTD PRO Series delivers exceptional reliability and performance.

ASUS Leads Again with Exclusive CPU Core Unlocking Technology - Motherboards 2

A Simple Way to Boost Performance with Core Unlocker
Previous generation solutions relied on AMD’s Advanced Clock Calibration (ACC) technology for core unlocking and did not always unlock the core and cache intelligently. With the removal of ACC from the newly introduced 890GX chipset, ASUS’ new Core Unlocker Technology intelligently scans the installed processor to properly determine which cores and cache can be unlocked*. In seconds you can maximize your system performance and tackle those intensive processing applications with ease.

Users can determine how to implement this innovative technology by sliding a switch on the motherboard, changing a BIOS setting, or simply pressing the “4” key when the machine first starts. Core Unlocker makes it simple thanks to ASUS’ award winning Turbo V EVO hardware and software. The M4A89GTD PRO Series also features enhanced overlocking performance, auto-tuning technology, improved power savings, and class-leading cpu/chassis fan controls with our exclusive Fan Expert software.

“ASUS is proud to continuously provide unique performance options such as TurboKey II for easy overclocking, GPU Boost, and Core Unlocker via our award-winning Turbo V EVO solution.” said Timothy Lin, Motherboard Product Manager. With the M4A89GTDPRO /USB3 ASUS has engineered the best experience possible for AMD platform users.”

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please visit www.asus.com for more details.

*Not all processors are supported. Core Unlocker results may vary.
** USB 3.0 is available on the M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 model