No matter how oddly nVIDIA chose to name the ION 2, the important thing is that this is not one of their traditional rebadging of previous generation hardware, it is rebadging of current generation hardware.  The same 40-nm GT218 you’ve seen in the GeForce 210 and 310 are hidden inside ION 2’s tiny little shell.  The addition of Optimus technology allowing on the fly enabling and disabling of the onboard GPU makes that even more attractive to those who want   The performance of the GT218 as a discreet solution left a little to be desired but as an embedded GPU there is hope.  The Tech Report has heard that more than 30 next-gen Ion systems will be out by this summer, so expect to see it from almost all major resellers. 

You can also see what Ryan felt about this new release in his review here.

“Although it bears the same name as the original Ion, the new product is fundamentally different. That’s because, rather than being a re-badged version of the MCP79 (a.k.a. GeForce 9400) integrated graphics chipset, the next-gen Ion is essentially a re-badged version of the 40-nm GT218 discrete graphics processor. You may have seen the GT218 before in bargain-bin GeForce 210, and more recently GeForce 310, graphics cards on the desktop.”

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