Microsoft tried and failed miserably with their WebTV/MSN TV initiative to bring the functionality of a PC to the TV.  AppleTV did a little better but never really caught on.  Now Google, in association with Intel and Sony, are trying out set top box technology on the Dish Network.  They hope to make hitting sites like Twitter and Picasa as easy as changing the channel.  Of course, hitting those sites is as easy as that on a PC, and services like Hulu or the actual network stations themselves make getting your TV shows just as easy.  The question seems to be if anyone who doesn’t already own a network enabled HTPC even wants PC on their TV.  Wired has the scoop here.

“Google is working with Intel and Sony to develop a new class of Internet-enabled televisions and set top boxes, according to the New York Times.

The effort, known as Google TV, has been under way for several months and is based on Google’s Android software which is currently available in certain smartphones, the Times, citing people with knowledge of the project, reported on Wednesday.”

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