The Enermax MODU87+ 700W sits in a sweet spot for PSUs, strong enough to handle any single GPU system as well as many dual GPU systems, but not in the 1kW or higher overkill class.  The look on the outside is rather interesting, a rather clean casing is marred with multicoloured cooling, the heatsinks are blue and the fan is gold.  Inside, the totally redesigned PSU is stellar, [H]ard|OCP saw no movement on the 12V rail and the others were also incredibly stable.  Unfortunately there are other choices with performance at least as good and with a lower price.

“Enermax has been one of the “de facto standard” names in computer power supplies for years now. Enermax continually comes to the enthusiast with solidly built power supplies that deliver top notch power and stability for years and years. Today we are looking at the MODU87+ 700 watt PSU and its Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology technology, AKA DHT.”

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