Grabbing a new 6 core Gulftown processor the second it becomes available is certainly fun, but if you are building a machine that is going to be surfing the web and doing light office work then you are wasting your money.  Why not consider an AMD processor that costs about 10% of what that top of the line Intel CPU would?  MektuMods reviews four of the new CPUs AMD offers, the Phenom 2 X2 555 BE C3 and three Athlons, the X4 635, X3 440 and X2 255.  While none of these processors are going to win against a Core i7, the most expensive will cost you $120 shipped.  They represent a good multi-core choices for those who do not need blazing fast frames in FarCry 2, but simply a solid processor for a general use PC.
“The CPUs included in the review are the Phenom 2 X2 555 BE C3, which is the highest performing dual core from the current range, as well as three CPUs from the Athlon range: X4 635, X3 440 and X2 255.”

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