At $225 for 4GB, the G.Skill Pi Series PC3-17600 is a little pricey and at DDR3-2200 speeds and 7-10-10-28  timings it is more than a little fast.  Designed to work as dual channel RAM for a Core i7 860 or 870, and with support on a number of P55 boards, this is definitely a kit aimed at those looking for the top performance around.  The kit comes with G.Skill’s Turbulence Cooling Fan, a shroud type fan that attaches over top of the installed DIMMs and is rated for 7.75cfm @ 21.2db. Overclock3D even managed a bit of an overclock on these DIMMs with some nice results in their benchmarking which you can see right here.

“G.Skill have launched the Pi Series of RAM and today we have the 2200MHz P55 kit to test. Is such speed worth the investment?”

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