The new Core i3-530 is a 2.93GHz dual core processor that will set you back only $120 but you have to sacrifice support for Turbo mode if you do pick it.  Ryan proved you don’t actually need that button as without tweaking voltage he hit 4.08 GHz and by bumping up the voltage to 1.35V that soared to almost 4.5GHz, take that Turbo button!  In many cases it out performs the Phenom II X4 965, especially when you look at performance, which puts AMD’s Athlon line up in serious danger.  Read the full review here.

“I would even take this a step further and tell our readers that if you are looking for a budget gaming system the Core i3-530 would make a decent choice and should at least be considered for the job. I showed you on our gaming performance page that the difference between even the Core i7-975 and the Core i3-530 are minimal when we are comparing real-world resolutions and image quality settings.”

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