Kingston has released the second generation of their larger capacity SSDs, the V+ SNVP325-S2 128GB SSD which uses the rare Toshiba T6UG1XBG controller, a controller we are not very familiar with.  Kingston claims sequential reads of 230MB/s and writes of 180MB/s, which PureOverclock put to the test in their review.  As their results show, this drive has no problems keeping its writes above the 200MB/s mark and the response time measured under Everest is nothing short of incredible.  It’s a shame the drive will cost you over $700 or about $2.75/Gb.

“The Kingston SNVP325-S2 is a 2nd generation SSD that uses Toshiba internals to boost performance and support TRIM out of the box. We do love that, no question. Flashing, firmware, and TRIM can be confusing to consumers, and it’s nice to see that Kingston has eliminated that potential anxiety. We’ve seen some very fast SSDs, and the Indilinx-based drives have proven extremely popular amongst enthusiasts. But Kingston has been working diligently to penetrate further into the marketplace via Intel-rebadged drives, and they’ve had a couple hit and misses, but this new Toshiba drive looks very impressive from its specifications. But it is in a tough segment in the mainstream SSD market.”

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