You have likely seen other hardware and news sites posting pictures and video of some preliminary testing with a 6-panel Eyefinity gaming configuration, but I thought I would share this picture taken by our own A/V editor Ken A. 

Last but not least: PC Perspective sees Eyefinity 6-panel in action - Graphics Cards 2

We have the 2GB Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity Edition graphics card in our test system and 6 Dell 22-in panels configured in a 3×2 group and as you can see here in Aliens vs Predator, it is working.  It has not been without issues and bugs though…AMD is getting us some additional hardware and is promising another major driver update before public availability to address some of the problems. 

There is going to be a heated debate about this technology and we are looking forward to providing a forum for the discussion!  Check back here on or follow me on twitter to see more posts and updates as we go.