While the original body of Western Digital has been very busy improving platter based hard drives, the company that they recently bought out, Silicon Systems has been developing an SSD for WD.  The WD SiliconEdge Blue 256GB has a new branded controller and Allyn spotted quite a few similarities to a Kingston/JMicron board, though the performance did not match.  The pricing did not match either, with MSRPs of $249 for 64GB, $529 for 128GB and the 256GB model Allyn reviewed is pegged at $799Unless those prices change you should probably consider a higher performing SSD or two.

“For Western Digital’s first crack at SSD, this new drive performed well. Sequential transfer rates are competitive with most modern units and can best Intel in write speeds. That said, this new offering leaves something to be desired when it comes to random access performance. While the drive is true to its rated 5,000 IOPS, that figure is just not high enough to truly compete with the competition offering as high as 35,000 IOPS in the same form factor. Fortunately for us, if the ‘Blue’ label is anything like their HDD line, we may see a ‘Black’ model at some point down the road.”

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