Micron is really starting to push its new processes as we will see mass production of 25nm parts in the middle  of this year, keeping them in a race with Global Foundries.  The impressive step is that their sub-25nm parts are currently scheduled to appear only 1 year later, in 2011.  They are also working on a new type of NAND memory, EZ-NAND which should act more like storage media than volatile memory and incorporate ECC directly on chip, easing the load on the storage or memory controller.  Drop by DigiTimes for a peek.

“Micron Technology is set to advance its NAND flash process technology to sub-25nm nodes in 2011, and is gearing up the development of NAND memory supporting ONFI’s soon-to-be available specification called EZ-NAND, according to Kevin Kilbuck, director of NAND market development for Micron.

According to Micron’s NAND flash process roadmap, the company expects to enter the sub-25nm technology era in 2011 about one year after mass production of 25nm-made products in mid-2010. The memory maker also looks to develop its charge trap flash (CTF) technology, a replacement option for the current mainstream floating-gate NAND technology.”

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