Ars Technica visited the Microsoft Research TechFest to see what Microsoft has planned for its future.  Cloud computing was a big topic, in a variety of ways from software to allow power saving on virtual machines to what they are calling a personal cloud mouse allowing you to interact with a personal cloud as if you were within it. This makes much more sense when you watch the video and research the complimentary projects like mobile to mobile networking.  The information is all in the videos you will find by following the link.

“Microsoft Research’s TechFest is essentially a glimpse into a Microsoft future. It’s an annual showcase of the various technologies that the company’s researchers have been working on. The 2010 event that took place earlier this month featured a few prototypes that we’ve already seen before, but there were also many that have only just started to emerge out of Microsoft’s research labs around the world, including labs in China, India, the UK, and the US.”

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